Video Team

Video Switcher Photo Crossroads Fellowship is a contemporary, "multi-venue" church, that relies on modern Audio/Visual technology to communicate God's eternal truth's to the world. Each week, the Crossroads Video Team supports congregational worship and teaching by providing video production, and media and graphic display during Sunday Services and special events. Crossroads has made a significant investment in video technology, and it is a central component of our stategy for reaching the Triangle community.

Video Team Volunteer Opportunities:

Video Team members come from a variety of backgrounds, experience levels, and skillsets, but they share a passion for worship, a dersire to use their God-given gifts, and a desire to serve the Lord and His people. Our Video Teams are scheduled on a monthly basis, based on an individual's desire and availability, and team members typically serve 1-2 times per month. Rehearsal attendance requirements vary depending on the specific area of service.

Video Event Production

Crossroads relies on live Video Production to create video feeds of our Worship Services to our on-campus venues. Each week, our Video Directors and Camera Operators work together with our Computer Graphics team to create live video feeds of Crossroads' Worship Services, that are broadcast to our various on-campus venues.

There are two volunteer roles available on our Sunday morning teams:

  • Video Technical Director

    The Video Technical Director directs the activities of the Camera Operators and remote control cameras, operates the CCU's (camera control units), provides direction to the EasyWorship/Powerpoint team, and uses the Ross Carbonite Video Switcher to create the video feed that is used for both IMAG (Image Magnification) in the Worship Center, and transmission to other venues.

    Video Technical Directors typically have experience as a camera operator, knowledge of Crossroads teams and production processes, and specific training on Crossroads equipment, and the ability to work in a fast paced environment. This position is typically filled by someone who has served as a Crossroads Camera Operator, and has indicated interest in moving into this role. Someone who has served as a Video Technical Director in another live production environment would also be suitable for this position.

  • Camera Operators

    On Sunday mornings, we typically have two JVC manned cameras, that are operated under the direction of the Video Technical Director. This is an ideal entry-level position on Crossroads Tech Teams, with training provided "on the job". Camera Operators are service oriented, able to follow direction, with the ability to function in a fast paced environment.

Special Video Project Team

Occassionally, we put together teams to produce special video pieces, promotional clips, and video of teaching during conferences and other special events. These teams are typically composed of volunteers from our Sunday morning teams, but we also have ongoing needs for individuals with experience in live video production, motion graphics and video editing to support these activities.

Special Projects/Installation/Maintenance:

Crossroads relies on A/V technology for the majority of it's ministries and programs, and we are always seeking skilled volunteers with specific experience installing and maintaining A/V systems, for regular maintenance tasks, and special projects/installations.

Learn more...

" title="Contact Larry">Contact Larry , Worship Arts & Production Manager, to learn more, or just join us in the Worship Center during our mid-week rehearsals, on Wednesday nights from 7-9pm, to learn more about any of these volunteer opportunities.